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Our Message:

Our center offers a professional facility with calming atmosphere where superior care is a priority. Together we acknowledge and accept our obligation to our patients specifically in getting them well as soon as possible. We value our role as a medical facility in making the right decisions towards our patients' wellbeing.
Patient’s privacy is the rule. Patients, with appointment, see Dr Fam without waiting. Our services are very personal


Our Mission:

Dr Fam’s mission for years has been to provide the highest caliber of patient’s care with up-to-date medical knowledge, focusing on their concerns with individualized management and attention

Our Focus

Our focus is to improve skin health and provide acne relief and anti-aging analysis for men, women, and teens. This consists of high quality patient care, therapeutic products, and teaching conducted in an atmosphere of social concern and scholarly inquiry into the nature, causation, prevention, and therapy of skin aging and imperfections. The goal of Acne & Anti-Aging laser Center is to promote a high level of service for the best possible results. We reflect a continuing concern for the welfare and well being of our patients.

About Fathi G Fam, MD, MS:

portraitFathi G Fam, MD, MS continues to be a leader in the field of medical aesthetics and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He has received national recognition in medical aesthetics education and has been featured in several popular magazines.   Dr. Fathi G. Fam has helped many people recover from the unsightly appearance of many skin problems. He is well known in Texas and California USA as well as in Singapore, France and Italy. He has written several articles on skin care in beauty magazines and gave educational lectures at several beauty shows on various skin care and beauty topics. In 1977, Dr Fam relocated to Texas from Montreal, Canada. Born in Egypt, Dr. Fam received his training as well as his Master Degree in Science from McGill University, Canada. Furthermore, in 1988, he was trained in Ireland and France in the non-surgical treatment, sclerotherapy and micro-surgery of varicose and spider veins. In 1990, He received his training in Laser application. 1992, Dr Fam was trained in Sweden to perform skin correcting procedures with Botox and Filler. He went to France for one year to study and learn Mesotherapy, CarboxyTherapy, skin care, skin rejuvenation, various protocols to treat skin imperfection from acne and scars to pigmentation and sun damage.