Mesotherapie is an interventional natural medicine that is injected to stimulate the mesoderm. It involves microinjections of homeopathic medicine that contains customized mixture of amino acids, plant extracts, combination of vitamins, herbal supplements into the mesoderm of the skin to treat cellulite, hair loss, chronic pain, wrinkles, sun damage, etc. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes and is not painful. The injections are given weekly for 10 weeks.
Superb results are achieved, and, with moderate amount of lifestyle change, Mesotherapy can provide measurable improvements in body contour.

Mesotherapie is a safe and effective alternative for the treatment of cellulite, hair loss (alopecia), and face and neck rejuvenation.  Unlike surgery, mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no post-operative recovery time.  Patients undergoing mesotherapy have no interruptions to their daily life, while obtaining a natural cosmetic rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of Mesotherapie over liposuction?

Liposuction does not treat cellulite. In fact, liposuction often causes existing cellulite to appear more prominent. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly, promoting smoother skin and reducing fat in selected areas. Fat deposits are flushed from the body, and do not reappear in other areas, which often occurs after liposuction. Mesotherapy does not require hospitalization, general anesthesia or downtime.

Which cosmetic conditions can Mesotherapie treat?

it is employed to treat cosmetic conditions, including cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, chronic pain, loss of hair and alopecia.

Mesotherapie's anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

Subdermal injections of vitamins, anti-oxidants, trace elements and certain botanical extracts rejuvenate the cells, making them more active, and thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. You can begin anti-aging treatments in your mid twenties to prevent wrinkles from forming. Treatments for the face, neck, arms and hands are recommended twice yearly.

What can Dr Fam achieve with mesotherapie?


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