Very effective treatment of acne

"We tried everything but nothing worked. Dr. Fam's treatment was very effective. Though expensive, the duration of the treatment was short so it was worth it. I would have saved hundreds of dollars on other doctors and prescriptions had I discovered Dr. Fam sooner. When all else fails, call Dr. Fam."


Dr. Fam is a Blessing...

"acne isn't easy and adult acne is devastating. i went through a huge transition in my life and became overwhelmed with stress... my face began to act like I was 16 again! Desperate, not knowing where to go (being new to DFW), I saw Dr. Fam's commercial. I took a chance... thank goodness for Dr. Fam! His knowledge, experience, kindness and genuine desire to help has made all the difference!"


Nice & Clean Office

"The office was nice & clean. Dr. Fam was very informative. Unfortunately, we just can't afford the treatment recommended. I guess we'll try some OTC brands


Dr. Fam is the Best!

"I had microdermabrasion and a peel performed by Dr. Fam this week. It was a pleasant experience and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. It's wonderful to know that I was treated by a doctor who teaches students from all over the world in in Medical Aesthetics. "


Worth it

" I am 68 from Colorado & had a lot of sun damage. Dr. Fam treated my skin from the inside out & in 8 week I think I look 10 years younger. My friends don't know I had treatments but tell my I look refreshed since my vacation. Thanks Dr. Fam, I had a good feeling about you when we 1st met & you recommended these treatments last winter. I'm glad I made the choice to spend the spring at my sisters in your area. See you for week follow up next winter."