Carboxy Therapie

Carboxytherapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas for therapeutic purposes. Carboxytherapy originated in France in 1932. In South America and Europe, carbon dioxide therapy has been applied to the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite, and hypertrophic scars with impressive results. It improves skin elasticity, circulation, encourages collagen repair, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and destroys localized fatty deposits. treatment of dark under-eye circles. There are no known risks associated with carboxytherapy. It is a relatively painless

Carboxy Therapie for cellulite

Women have tried numerous therapies to eliminate their cellulite including various creams, endermologie, lymphatic drainage massage, etc to no avail because none of these therapies correct the underlying physiological problems of poor circulation and damaged collagen septae. Two therapies that have shown promise in eliminating this difficult problem are the Thermage CL cellulite tip and carboxytherapie.

Carboxy Therapie for Dark circles around the eye

Dark under eye circles are difficult to conceal with makeup, and often make you appear tired, even when you’re fully rested. This problem is relatively common but it’s important to understand the origin of dark circles in order to develop a treatment plan. Dark circles are typically caused by one of three factors, either alone or in combination. The first possibility is that there is actual deposition of pigment into the skin of the lower eyelid. This pigment deposition is commonly due to post-traumatic hyperpigmentation, where the skin of the lower eyelids has been perpetually irritated, usually from chronic tearing due to allergies or dry eye. Skin pigmentation is the easiest cause of dark under eye circles to treat because it responds well to a combination of carboxytherapie and home bleaching regimens. I do not use hydroquinones, the over-the counter bleaching agent, on delicate eyelid skin because in some individuals this can worsen the dark circles.









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